Training Module

Stress Management

A one-day course.

Topics covered:

  • Stress avoidance
  • Mind over matter
  • Indigestion and eating
  • Statistics
  • Problems with stress
  • People under pressure
  • What circumstances cause stress?
    • Levels of responsibility
    • Remember to say thank you
    • Know when to push and when to stop
    • Smile and the whole world smile with you!
    • Take the terror out of computerisation
    • Don’t underestimate boredom
    • Teach people to accept change
    • Avoid too much admin.
    • Teach employees to recognise their own stress levels
    • Never give authority without responsibility and vice versa
    • Treat people as people and not tools
    • Teaching ‘No’
    • Teach employees to ask for help
    • Encourage forgiveness
    • Keep communication lines open
    • Banish Ambiguity
    • Avoid too many rules and regulations
    • Constructive criticism
    • Little things matter
    • Anticipate problems
  • Different ways of working
  • 10 tips for a stress free life
  • Delegation can reduce stress
  • Team working
  • Respecting employees
  • Time Management