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Read, learn and finish Softskills topics in 15/20 minutes: sales stress timemanagement to name only a few. Check out our 'sister' company http://www.perkofthejob.world freetrial for personal users. See the business users special offer too. Paypal and creditcards accepted.


09.05.16 Clive is in Abu Dhabi this week for the launch of our new Cost Saving programme - Review your Strategy, Procurement, Social Media, Time Management & Staff Motivation. More information coming soon.



09.05.16 Clive speaking at the BBG (British Business Group) Abu Dhabi this week, discussing on-line training versus traditional training methods.



Poka-yoke is the Japanese term for error proofing or mistake proofing. It was developed as a quality improvement method as part of the Toyota Production System. The principle is simple – devise systems and products in such a way that the chances of making a mistake whilst using them is reduced or completely eliminated.


We have become used to such design improvements in everyday life. We take for granted that microwaves switch off as soon as the door is opened, that plugs, USB sticks and telephone cables only fit if inserted in one way. This approach has huge potential applications for businesses to reduce the amount of human error. The principles can be applied to any process to detect or prevent defects from occurring in the first place.


The result for an organisation is less wasted energy, time and resources doing things wrong in the future. Every mistake that is spotted can be redone at a cost – but those that get through are even more costly!


West End Training continues to add impressive accreditations to its work and now enjoys accreditation from The Law Society and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
Press Release 2014 - LMW
Following a quality review panel meeting, West End Training has been awarded the Leadership and Management Wales Quality Award. Leadership and Management Wales is part of the Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills (ELMS) programme. ELMS is part funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.
Press Release 2015 - ISO 9001:2008
West End Training is delighted to announce a clean inspection report for its annual external audit on its ISO 9001:2008 systems.


West End Training has had re-approval for the third consecutive time from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). West End Training also now has the added prestige of Direct Claim Status for its more popular topics and programmes.


With 18 different topics and programmes available, all Endorsed by the ILM, West End Training’s clients continue to see the added value that certified training can bring.

Accreditation update
Following accreditation by The Law Society,  West End Training can now boast that all of their courses are accredited.

'This is an excellent way forward, to be able to offer the Legal Sector all of the subjects in our portfolio' said Clive Sherer, Managing Director of West End Training. 'It enables us to show that we are serious about supporting this sector, and the accreditation also adds confidence to other business sectors that we are providers of high quality training'.