West End Training

Outplacement Programme

Our approach mirrors previous programmes carried out for other clients, although the programme can also be tailor-made to suit your exact requirements.

We can arrange and facilitate a one-day seminar approach, one-on-one counselling or a multi-day programmes for larger employers where each employee can attend a menu of days. We can also organise an on-site Job Shop.

All Outplacement work is tailor-made to exactly what the client wants.

An example of a two-day session could typically follow the following time-table. (This is an extract taken from an actual programme we ran for a major plc.)


Day 1.

An initial group introductory seminar to explain our role and outline how we can help.

First one to one counselling sessions start. We shall arrange for two counsellors to be in attendance, so that 2 counselling sessions can take place in tandem, enabling each delegate to have a private discussion about their thoughts on where they want to be. This will involve discussing their likes and dislikes in their employment to date and any aspirations or preferences for the future. Delegates will be able to consider in detail whether self-employment or retraining can be an option for them.

Whilst the counselling sessions are taking place, one to one private interviews with an Independent Financial Adviser will also commence.

Throughout the morning and into the afternoon, therefore, each delegate will have the opportunity to attend a counselling session and an interview with an Independent Financial Adviser.

The delegates waiting for their private interviews will be kept together as a group and introduced to C.Vs. The importance of transferable skills, key headings, layout and different templates will be shown.

Please note that each counselling session and Independent Financial Adviser session, will take place within a time-table to ensure fluidity and this has worked extremely well in the past.

The day concludes with a closing session with all of the day’s delegates in attendance, by way of a recap and an introduction to day 2.


Day 2.

All delegates are kept together as one group on day 2.

The group sessions include:

  • the actual writing of the C.V. We shall ensure that each delegate finishes a hand written C.V. for us to take away and arrange to be typed and laser printed. Each delegate will receive as many C.V.s as they want and a computer disk if requested.
  • the C.V.s will be posted to the delegate’s homes within a few working days.
  • there may be a need for C.V.s to be amended as the weeks progress, to highlight different job roles, to suit certain job applications. These amendments will be made to suit individual needs on an ‘as needed’ basis.
  • how to look for jobs and how to be organised and motivated.
  • interview tips and techniques, to include preparation, communication skills, aptitude tests and ‘the questions you will be asked’.



Day 3.

We shall need the use of a room on site, for us to use exclusively as a Job Shop. The Job Shop will be manned from Monday to Friday during normal office hours. The Job Shop will take the format of a quasi Job Centre, which will be fed job opportunities from nearby Job Centres. The job cards will be put on display and changed on a daily basis when new ones are received. We shall also liase with job agencies and deal with other local employers sending through information on job opportunities.

The Job Shop will also supply information on Benefits, Employment Services, National Insurance issues and training opportunities – full or part time.

For employees expressing an interest in running their own businesses, we shall organise separate seminars to cover issues such as:

  • legal entities for different types of business
  • franchising v. start up v. established businesses
  • business plans
  • funding and cashflow
  • marketing
  • basic tax issues


We shall also liase with Employment Services and arrange any suitable sessions by their officers from time to time.

There is a strong track record of previously successfully completed outplacement programmes and this has made us very aware of the emotive issues that can arise. In a practical world, and from experience, we know that client’s needs and priorities can change during the last months where job losses and/or closures occur, and we can be receptive to any flexibility that may be needed.

Other clients who have used other services in the past include Honda Corporation, Forte Group, Copthorne Hotels, ING Group to name but a few.

Major clients and Trades Unions can also independently offer testimonials for work carried out to date